Organic agriculture

After several food scandals, organically produced foods are currently the trend in Europe.

Today, there are various farming associations like Bioland, Demeter, Naturland, and the very successful Ecovin Association for viticulture, and the diverse spectrum ranges from small, family-run farms to almost 400-acre-large estate farms for milk, eggs, meat, grains, soy, asparagus, and potatoes. Sixty years ago, a pioneer community in the Freiburg region began farming organically according to Bioland guidelines. Today, over 20% of the available area there is used for growing organic vegetables.

Organic market gardens deliver high-quality vegetables that are sold at farm shops and weekly markets. Small organic food shops have developed into powerful organic supermarkets, and the conventional food retail trade has begun to purposely include organic products in their own range of products. Canteens and  restaurants also offer excellent organic menus. This workshop also presents the entire value chain for  organic wine, from special soil treatment and vine care to the winery and marketing in the wineries’ tasting rooms. Year after year, the region’s winegrowers win gold and silver medals for the extremely high quality of their product.

Production, Distribution and Marketing of organic food

Within the workshop framework, we will get to know the different kinds of operation, farming methods, marketing lines, and applied research in organic farming. Visits to farms, organic supermarkets, and a health food wholesale operation are planned, and lunch is included for all participants. In addition to learning  more about an organic vineyard, you can also taste wines with an expert winemaker. An especially  interesting highlight is witnessing the production of high-quality goat cheese in a certified goat milk dairy.

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