Basel RegionSwitzerland

Basel Region

Multiculturalism in the countryside

The region around Basel is unique in Europe: a multicultural population on the border between France and Germany makes the region unmistakable, cosmopolitan, cheerful and innovative. You will be enthralled!

Within a stone’s throw of the pulsing city of Basel, Baselland surprises with its scenic beauty, cultural variety and many insiders’ tips. The fog-free autumn and winter days are legendary; the view of the Alps and surrounding countryside is breath-taking. Augusta Raurica is the largest Roman settlement north of the Alps: the temples, amphitheatre and arena are two thousand years old.

Legendary Swiss quality is not limited to watches and knives. It is also demonstrated in the perfect network of paths. You’ll never get lost here: the hiking trails through the mountains of Jura, covering thousands of kilometres, are perfectly signposted. Many lead to the small medieval town of St. Ursanne at the river Doubs, the lifeline of the Jura: a small river for fishing, bathing and strolling. On foot or by bike, it takes you through magical landscape. You can find local customs and tradition in the Freiberger Mountains, a gently undulating plateau with pine forests, extensive pastures and sturdy farms and studs. The famous Freiberger horses are bred here.

Aargau is also richly blessed with beautiful, untouched nature and countryside. Everyone, whether they are a nature lover, culture lover, art enthusiast, sportsperson, bon vivant or a family should take a trip of discovery in this region