Black ForestGermany

Black Forest

Traditionally hospitable

Cuckoo clocks, Bollenhut hats, Black Forest farms and Black Forest gateau – the Black Forest is the epitome of a homely German holiday resort. But it is also a landscape of modern industry and culture, a huge recreational area, and a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Black Forest, which ascends from the south to the 1493 metre high Feldberg, is the highest of the German low mountain ranges and also the most diverse. More than 24,000 of excellently signposted hiking trails, various cycling trails and exceptional snow sports conditions await you in the Black Forest.

Sunny vineyards and acres of fertile land alternate with mountain pastures and moors, extensive forest-covered mountains with treeless hilltops and jagged gorges with wide valleys. And in between lie 320 villages, towns and small towns, as well as wildlife parks, theme parks and family resorts, particularly Europa-Park in Rust, which is the German counterpart to Disneyworld.

Thanks to the diverse countryside, cuisine, wine, beer and water, the region is the «greatest area for connaisseurs in Germany». Gourmet guidebooks currently award so many Michelin stars, gourmet points, crests, diamonds and spoons in the region that statistically there is at least one culinary highlight in every village.

However, there are also more thermal baths and spa hotels, therapeutic baths and health resorts here than in any other comparable region far and wide. «Wellness Stars» even guarantee TÜV-tested quality.