Southern PalatinateGermany

Southern Palatinate

Variety in living culture

What would the Southern Palatinate be without wine? It shapes the image of the landscape and plays a significant role in the cultural and economic variety of the region in the Upper Rhine Valley.

People have cultivated the left banks of the Rhine as far back as in Roman times. Over the centuries, traditional wine-growing families have used their diligence and innovation to establish an excellent reputation for their Pfälzer Wein all over the world.

Hiking in the Palatinate Forest is a special experience. You can go from soft sandy paths through dense mixed woodland, encountering cliffs and ruins but always have a view on the soft hills of the wine-growing area or the endless humps of the Palatinate Forest. Hike a few days on the Pfälzer Weinsteig or along the German Wine Route. Here you are never far from the next Palatinate Forest hut, a genuine wine bar or village economy.

You are spoilt for choice in Southern Palatinate: so many medieval castles, fortresses, churches and festivals take place within such a small area. The castles, forts and fort ruins are a real treat. From the Burg Landeck you have a wonderful view across as far as the Black Forest. For a long time, Germersheim was a heavily reinforced border fortress. A tour through the underground passageways is unforgettable. Experiences that the whole family can enjoy include a boat trip on the Lusoria Rhenana, the faithful reproduction of a Roman warship; the FunForest in Kandel; the South Palatinate handcar railway, the animal and nature park in Silz or the zoo in the pretty little town of Landau.