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Please be aware that the following terms and conditions apply to any use of our database images:

  • Images may only be used in conjunction with a news report on the Upper Rhine Valley or for marketing materials for travelling within the Upper Rhine Valley. A written request must be submitted to the Upper Rhine Valley urv [at] before using images for any other purpose.   
  • All images are protected by copyright. The copyright is listed with each individual image.
  • The use of images for any of the following purposes is generally not permitted: Commercial use, Printed items such as illustrated books, calendars, postcards, posters, etc., Articles of merchandise such as magnets, cups, mugs, etc.
  • The distribution of images to third parties is expressly prohibited.  
  • We expressly point out that available images may only be used for the agreed upon purpose and ask that you send a copy of each use to the Upper Rhine Valley.
  • The publication of any image must include the individual image copyright.