Basel RegionSwitzerland

The Musée jurassien

The Musée jurassien d’art et d’histoire is…

  • A front door to the Jura and to the history of an entire region.
  • A place full of character at the heart of Delémont. Sitting astride the rampart of the old town, its buildings are part of an architectural grouping that dates from the 18th and 19th century.
  • A permanent itinerary: The Jurassic, "Tête de moine", The End of the World... beginning with the "stereotypes" and symbols of the youngest Swiss canton, the displays enlighten us about the events that have left their mark on the region and its inhabitants.
  • Exhibitions, whose goal is to shed light on social issues and the questions that concern us (both the public and the museum) here and now...