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Three-Countries Museum – the museum of the tri-border region

Honoured with many awards, this institution is the only "Three-Countries-Museum" in Europe.

Its permanent exhibition, the Three-Countries-Exhibition, presented in German and French, is dedicated to the history and the current situation of the Upper Rhine region, where Germany, France and Switzerland meet. Interactive and audio stations, as well as computer terminals provide entertainment throughout the whole visit.

The Three-Countries-Exhibition

Subsidized by the European program INTERRREG, the Three-Countries-Museum is the sole European museum dedicated to three countries: its central theme is the Three-Countries region formed by the German Black Forest, the French Vosges and the Swiss Jura.

The Three-Countries-Exhibition, an unforgettable experience!

In German and French, the permanent Three-Countries-Exibition enables its visitors to get an overview of the region formed by Baden, Alsace and Northwestern Switzerland. Which features do the inhabitants of the Upper Rhine region have in common? Which process led to the tripartition of the region? Which consequences do the frontiers have on the political level, on the economy and on the daily life of its inhabitants?