Circuit Tour A

Wine and Rhine

From the German Wine Gate to the Rhine Valley

The city of Landau, characterized by Art Nouveau architecture, is start and end of this tour. It becomes obvious that the Rhine River can’t be far off; the landscape shows the tell-tale signs of the Rhine Valley, becoming flatter and giving legs a well-earned respite.

  • Southern Palatinate Biking © Südliche Weinstraße e.V.
  • Veloroute Rhine 1 © Suedpfalz Tourismus Landkreis Germersheim e.V.
  • Circuit Tour A © URV

After passing fields interspersed with vegetable crops and fruit orchards, bikers will reach the fortress town of Germersheim am Rhein and the Rhine Bike Path, which runs directly along the river bank through the primeval landscape of the Rheinaue wetlands, ultimately ending in Wörth am Rhein.
From here, the route leads past Karlsruhe all the way to the French border in Lauterbourg, where it merges with the Lauter Valley Bike Path (Véloroute de la Lauter). This path follows along the old railroad tracks between Lauterbourg and Wissembourg. A visit to the charming old town of Wissembourg is an absolute must before following the path to the German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach.
Bikers are now invited to travel north on the German Wine Route Bike Path through winegrowing villages and the spa of Bad Bergzabern. This slightly hilly path winds through the vineyard landscape of the southern wine route, leading to the charming village of Siebeldingen.
Here, the route merges with the Queich Valley Bike Path and runs directly back to Landau.

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