Circuit Tour B

Czars and Emperors

Along old railroad tracks through the Lauter Valley

The old raildroad tracks, between Wissembourg and Lauterbourg run parallel to the Lauter Valley Bike Path (Véloroute de la Lauter) and leads along the right side of the Lauter straight down to the Line of Defense, which was built in 1706 by Claude Louis Hector de Villars, the Marshall General of France.

  • land planted with vines Baden-Baden © BBT
  • Circuit Tour B © URV

From Lauterbourg, this circuit tour continues on for 15 km via the EuroVelo Bike Path all the way to Neuburg, where a short ferry ride allows bikers to cross the Rhine.
After reaching the opposite bank of the river, the “Bike Path through Baden Wine Country” begins and passes by enchanting wine villages. Karlsruhe, Rastatt, and Baden-Baden are great cities for longer stays, thanks to their rich and diverse cultural highlights.
From Baden-Baden, which already enjoyed great popularity in the days of the Czar, bikers can follow the signs to Greffern, where they can once again use a ferry to cross the river to Drusenheim.
At this point, the path leads away from the Rhine and passes through Bischwiller on its way to Haguenau, whichwas once the favorite residence of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.
The route then winds through the expansive Haguenau Forest, across battlefields dating back to 1870 in Wörth, and through the famous wine village of Cleebourg to reach Wissembourg.

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