Circuit Tour C

Romanesque Architecture and Wine

Through Baden Wine Country to the North Vosges

The favorite town of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa is the start and finish line of this circuit tour. Heading east, the path runs through Bischwiller to Drusenheim am Rhein and then via ferry to Greffern. The trip through the Rhine Valley goes farther east until it reaches the wine village of Bühl on the edge of the northern Black Forest.

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Here, the “Bike Path through Baden Wine Country” begins, leading bikers south past wine growing villages. Bikers beware: here, the temptation to stop and enjoy the many regional culinary delights is often stronger than the desire to peddle onwards! The towns of Sasbach, Sasbachwalden, Durbach, and the medieval town of Gengenbach in the Kinzig Valley are all worth a closer look.
The circuit tour then turns westward, passing through Offenburg to the Rhine, which can be crossed near Eschau. After crossing the “Pierre Pflimlin” Bridge, bikers find themselves once again in France in the Illkirch-Graffenstaden district of Strasbourg.
The path then goes in the direction of the “Vallée de la Brûche” along the banks of the Rhône–Rhine Canal towards Molsheim.
Upon reaching the other side of the Upper Rhine Plain, at the base of the Vosges Mountains, one can follow the Alsace Wine Route Bike Path to Romanswiller. A treat for the eyes awaits bikers in Saverne: the majestic Rohan Castle and the Benedictine Marmoutier Abbey.
The path goes on to connect Pfaffenhofen with Haguenau via an old railway track and forest trails.

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