Circuit Tour E

Humanists and Baroque

Through the Breisgau region to Freiburg and Colmar

This circuit tour starts in Freiburg at its breathtaking cathedral. The path follows the Dreisam River in the direction of Kaiserstuhl, but bypasses this mountain. Volcanic soils in the area are a unique feature that allow for the production of the region’s spectacular wines.

  • View_of_Breisach © Projet DEMARAGE
  • Kaiserstuhl © thomas Bichler
  • Circuit Tour E © URV

At Breisach, the path crosses the Rhine in the direction of Colmar. In Neuf Brisach, a short break can be well-spent by paying a visit to the Fortifications of Vauban.
Once in Artzenheim, the route follows the Canal de Colmar to Colmar. After taking time to tour the city, bikers can continue on the EuroVelo 5 Bike Path in the direction of Sigolsheim and Bergheim.
Beside visiting the “Humanist Library” (UNESCO World Heritage) in Sélestat, travelers can also visit the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, the Monkey Mountain and the Eagle Park at Kintzheim.
Through dreamy vineyards along the EuroVelo Wine Bike Path continues in the direction of Barr and St. Pierre on to Stotzheim and Kertzfeld. The route leads through the forest to the neighboring Benfeld; once in Rhinau, bikers can cross the Rhine via ferry to continue their trip to Kappel-Grafenhausen and make their way through the lovely Breisgau wine region.
The baroque town of Ettenheim is the perfect spot for a short break before heading on to Emmendingen and finally back to Freiburg.

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