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Bottmingen Palace

This historical, moated palace was built in the second half of the 13th century and is the last existing moated palace in Baselland’s Leimen Valley.

The Palatine nobleman Johann von der Grün built the palace in 1645 in the style of early German Baroque. The landscape and portrait medallions as well as the shell-crowned gables of the main facade were created under his leadership. In 1720, Johannes Deucher of Steckborn transformed the palace into a French Baroque country estate, to which the signature French Mansard roofs, large windows, and sweeping staircase still testify. Stables, orangeries, green houses, and a French baroque garden once surrounded the pond. In 1780, the palace owner and Basel citizen Martin Wenk took down the tower and southeastern walls, all the way up to the courtyard (today’s garden terrace), and decorated the Stone Hall with magnificent stucco work.
The English park was created in the 19th century. The last lords of the palace were the bankers Heinrich and Peter Oswald, who used the estate as a private summer residence. They established a restaurant in 1887 and built a large hall overlooking the pond on the western side of the castle. AlthoughBottmingen was terribly neglected during the 1930s, Carl Roth and friends of the castle from Basel launched a rescue operation in 1943, during which they demolished the large hall and restored the original castle. Since 1957, the castle belongs to the canton of Baselland and is a protected monument.


  • Today, the restaurant in Bottmingen Castle is known for high-quality cuisine
  • The romantic and stylish surroundings are particular favorites for celebrating special occasions of all kinds
  • Countless couples have already held their dream wedding inside the castle walls

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