Basel RegionSwitzerland

Solarbob and rope park Langenbruck

Solarbob is the only toboggan run in Europe with a 540° circular loop run and the only one to be operated carbon neutrally using solar energy.

Take a seat in the comfortable bob either on your own or in pairs, and sit back as the lift pulls you up the mountain. Then, without changing bobs, you can enjoy a thrilling, high-speed descent. You can determine your own speed and decide whether you want to fly down the twisting 1,000 meter run, with its steep-walled bends, tunnels, speedometer, and the unique 540° circular loop run, or whether you would prefer to slide down it gently.

Anyone who would like to take to the skies can hang and swing to their heart’s desire in the rope park. What’s more, for your own peace of mind, the comprehensive safety system sees all trails starting and finishing from the same central tower. Providing safe fun is our utmost priority!