Basel RegionSwitzerland

Caves of Réclère

Discovered in 1886, the Caves of Réclère immediately astounded the first visitors by their splendor, so much so that the decision was made to take advantage of their remarkable allure by opening them to the public in 1890.

The trail of 1,500 meters through the caves takes you past a diverse array of stalagmites and stalactites of exceptional beauty. Admire the magnificent rock formations, including the elegant Pagoda, the Dome that, at 15 meters high, is the largest stalagmite in Switzerland, and the enigmatic Portrait, which seems to depict a face in profile.

Above ground, you can continue your journey back in time by visiting the Prehistoric Park. The Réclère Caves and Prehistoric Park tourist site has everything you need for a pleasant stay in Ajoie, including a hotel restaurant, campsite, and chalets. In the visitor center, you can also marvel at the new diorama of wildlife from the Jura region, which presents more than 120 animals in a reconstruction of their natural habitat.