Fleckenstein Castle

Discover the castle of Fleckenstein, an emblematic castle nestled in the beautiful Northern Vosges! Experience a unique medieval adventure and educate yourself in the beautiful surrounding recreation area.

This cliff-side castle in Alsace towers above the border between the Park of the Northern Vosges and the Palatinate. Built on top of an impressive sandstone rock by the Hohenstaufen Emperor’s master builder in the 12th century, this castle was entrusted to the Fleckenstein family, who went on to transform it into an impregnable fortress. In this way, the castle was able to survive five tumultuous centuries until being destroyed by Ludwig XIV’s troops in 1680. Now a protected monument, the castle ruins have been open to the public since 1959 and attract numerous visitors every year.

This architectural gem offers a splendid view of the biosphere reserve’s natural landscape and promises unforgettable moments for guests of all ages, those interested in local history, nature, and all knights and princesses at heart are invited to enjoy a day full of adventure! Three types of tours are offered throughout the season:

  • you can tour the castle independetly with the help of a leaflet,
  • go on a guided tour in French, German or English upon prior registration,
  • take your family on our medieval adventure tour, "Fleckenstein, the Mystery Castle".

Also of interest: Le P’tit Fleck, a play area with the aim to sensitize children playfully to the nature. Here, around 20 themed workshops can be visited under the motto of "learning through play".


The Mystery Castle, this virtual discovery tour of the historic building offers families a 3-hour medieval adventure that follows the ghost Hugo von Fleckenstein around the castle.

Other characteristics: bus parking, picnic area, exhibition/museum, restaurant, wheelchair accessible restroom