Lichtenberg Castle

Built in the early 13th century by the powerful Lichtenberg family, this castle underwent renovations and further embellishments under the direction of architect Daniel Specklin during the 16th century.

Louis XIV then captured the castle in 1678 and repurposed it as a fortress. During the war of 1870, in which Napoleon III and his troops battled the Prussian army, the castle was bombed and left behind in ruins. Today, its history and cultural identity is retold in a modern way and this venerable monument acts as a venue for exhibitions, a place of discourse, and a center for artistic experiments and theatrical expression. This unique dynamic recently earned the castle the “Centre d’Interprétation du Patrimoine” mark of quality. A visit to the castle is made complete with an educational trail laid out in three languages that reveals the castle’s most guarded secrets.

The castle can be toured with the help of a detailed plan available in French, German, and English. Guided tours with a duration of about 1h15 are also available for groups of 20 or more.


  • Exhibition “Alsatian Rocks and Fossils - Testimonies to the Creation, Effect, and Death of a Sea”: The fossils and rocks were provided by the University of Strasbourg and show a part of Alsatian history from 200 to 250 million years ago.

Other characteristics: bus parking, exhibition/museum, picnic area, wheelchair accessible restroom barrier-free: stroller and wheelchair accessible