Basel RegionSwitzerland

Pleujouse Castle

The castle was constructed in around 1100 by the nobles of Pleujouse on a rocky outcrop dominating the village. Owned by the Bishop of Basel, from the 13th century, it passed into the hands of several noble families as a fiefdom or pledged property. It was sold as a national asset in 1794, and has been renovated and refurbished several times since 1924. It currently belongs to the Friends of Pleujouse Castle. First mentioned in 1141, the “Nuwenburg” may have been the first stone castle to be erected on the site. It was ravaged during a military siege in 1425, reconstructed in 1437–38, and was probably destroyed by the Confederates during the Armagnac War in 1444–45. The castle was extended to the south east in the 15th and 16th centuries. In 1985, it was damaged by a huge fire. It was reconstructed with the support of the Swiss Confederation, the Canton of the Jura, and numerous donors from the region. The reconstruction work has preserved the castle’s exterior, but fully modernized its interior. Today, the castle is home to a gourmet restaurant.