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Château Favorite Rastatt

The "favorite" was built 300 years ago as a “Porcelain Palace” for the margravine’s rich collection. Today, it’s the last of its kind and a rarity of European significance.

The young Margravine Sibylla Augusta of Baden-Baden commissioned the building of this summer residence in 1710 on the outskirts of Rastatt in the Rhine Valley. Just a short carriage ride from Rastatt Residential Palace, the courtly society would meet here in rural idyll; to this day, one can easily imagine the exciting hunts and parties once enjoyed here and picture the elegant men and women strolling through the beautiful garden. Today, visitors can enjoy the same stroll through the romantic landscape garden. “Favorite” astounds guests with the richness of its lavish decor. Its crowing jewel is the “Florentiner Kabinett” (Florentine room), which is still in its original condition and unique in all of Europe. A total of 758 painstakingly crafted panels made of multi-colored marble, granite, and semi-precious stones bathe the walls in rich, dazzling colors. The various collections of the margravine include porcelain treasures from Asia and Europe in addition to precious glass and faience. Still intact, the unparalleled collection of the “Porcelain Palace” was famous among the margravine’s contemporaries and remains so today. It is now the world’s largest collection of early Meissen porcelain, the first manufacturer in Europe. A particular eye-catcher is the margravine’s open kitchen on the ground floor, which was lovingly decorated down to the very last detail.


  • Unique guided tours for adults, e.g. the “History and Enjoyment” tour with a culinary component
  • Dendrological tour to the special trees in the palace garden
  • The “Festive Serenades” Quantz-Collegium concert series: Musicians in historical costumes play baroque and classical compositions

Other characteristics: bus parking, restaurant, exhibition/museum