Black ForestGermany

Ettlingen Palace

Gaze upon 800 years of architectural history draped in baroque splendor!

From the original medieval castle to the magnificent baroque palace, visitors are taken on a spellbinding journey through the history of Ettlingen Palace. Would you like to try on the glove of a knight’s armor, solve puzzles with your children or go looking for dragons?

Audio guides or individual tours will guide you through the maze of baroque salons, allowing you to immerse yourself in the everyday life of Margravine Sibylla Augusta’s time and learn more about the developments within the palace that have taken place since then.



  • Today, the palace is the center of the city; the Asam Hall, once the palace chapel, is now a world-class concert hall decorated with wall and ceiling paintings done by the famous artist Cosmas Damian Asam in 1733.
  • The museum offers a varied program all year round, and the Ettlingen Palace Festival, complete with open-air theater, is a favorite annual summer highlight within the region.

Other characteristics: exhibition/museum, wheelchair accessible restroom, barrier-free: stroller and wheelchair accessible