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Karlsruhe Palace

The Baden State Museum offers a spectacular overview of more than 5,000 years of international cultural history

Founded in 1919, the Baden Sate Museum’s collection inside the Karlsruhe Palace displays examples of the cultural achievements from every era of mankind. Visitors can see works dating back to pre and early history as well as pre-Hellenic cultures in the Upper Rhine, not to mention ancient vases and terracottas, old italic artwork, and Roman stone monuments. The museum also boasts sculptures ranging from the Middle Ages to modern times, as well as ivory carvings, painted glass, textiles, furniture, ceramics, and works of metal and glass. The Museum on Marktplatz shows globally significant works of Art Nouveau, Art Déco, and 20th century fashion and design. The latest permanent exhibition, WELTKULTUR / GLOBAL CULTURE, serves as a modern contribution to socio-political debates on culture and integration. With unique exhibits from the Middle and Far East as well as North Africa, this exhibition proves how closely these cultures have been connected since time immemorial. Countless “wow” moments of intercultural realizations are guaranteed!



Marvelous highlights await you in Karlsruhe Palace:

  • One of the best antique collections in Germany with objects from the Cycladic period, early advanced civilizations, and ancient Greece
  • The “Turkish Spoils of War” that were amassed in the 17th century and include precious Ottoman handicrafts
  • Art Nouveau collections of international renown

Other characteristics: bus parking, exhibition/museum, restaurant, wheelchair accessible restroom, barrier-free: stroller and wheelchair accessible