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Rastatt Residential Palace

The palace of “Louis of the Turks”: This baroque palace oozes grandeur, its vast grand courtyard and three monumental palace wings creating a striking first impression.

Rastatt Residential Palace is a princely residence straight out of a picturebook. Even to this day, its powerful architecture dominates the baroque inner city surrounded by churches, chapels, and gardens. The residence was built by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden-Baden, the most famous army general of his time, and his wife Sibylla Augusta, a wise and gifted sovereign. Here, one can explore how these two brought baroque Europe to the tiny town of Rastatt. The staterooms of this Margrave duo have been largely preserved in their original state – an absolute rarity that can’t be missed.

A wide range of guided and special tours makes it easy to travel back in time to the palace’s golden years during the 18th century. Visitors can meet a soldier from Louis of the Turks’ entourage or an elegant lady of the court, and shouldn’t leave before paying a visit to the “Golden Man”, the glittering baroque landmark on the palace roof.

Guests can not only view the staterooms of the royal pair, but can also visit the palace’s two museums. The Military History Museum covers the history of every war that has taken place since the 18th century, including references to the life of Louis of the Turks. The commemorative site for freedom movements in German history brings guests closer to the ideas and everyday heroes of the 19th century up until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.



  • A children’s program is also available year-round, and children can also try on baroque costumes on many of the guided tours!
  • The palace as a striking backdrop for top events, including large open-air events in the summer
  • A palace for everyone: The “Palace Adventure Day” is a colorful festival featuring a children’s program and regional culinary delights (always on the 3rd Sunday in June)

Other characteristics: bus parking, restaurant, exhibition/museum, wheelchair accessible restroom, barrier-free: stroller and wheelchair accessible