Black ForestGermany

Hochburg Castle near Emmendingen

Hochburg is one of the largest castle ruins in the Upper Rhine Valley, offering insight into the history of castle and fortress design and an amazing view of the Black Forest.

The remnants of the castle walls are spread across three levels, from the lowest fortification wall all the way up to the imposing upper castle, the site’s crowing jewel. The Hochburg Castle near Emmendingen is one of the most important military complexes in Baden-Württemberg and provides an exemplary look at the architectural changes fortified, large building structures underwent between the 12th and 17th centuries. More than half a millennium of military architecture can be experienced right here! What was life like inside these massive fortresses? Were the fortifications made of a single element? How did the fortress operate? How many people could it hold?

The building and vast expanses of the fortress complex are a source of many stories and historical tales which you can hear on one of the many guided tours. Who were the mighty men who once ruled here, and how could a castle of such splendor end in ruin? The castle’s rivoting tour guides know the answer! Much of what was found on the premises is now on display in the Hochburg Castle Museum. Even those with a less vivid imagination can’t help but picture what castle life must have been like all those years ago. The upper castle’s former wine and storage cellar, which was built in the 12th or 13th century and vaulted in 1556, contains display cases with various findings and information panels with further explanations.



  • Age-appropriate guides for children: The enormous castle is full of knight’s tales. Thick walls, deep moats, and a thrilling view into the castle dungeon promises pure adventure for the castle’s younger visitors.
  • The Hochburg Festival: Taking place every September with traditional crafts, lively music, a medieval tent camp, and everything else that belongs to a festival at such a proud castle.

Other characteristics: restaurant, exhibition/museum