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Rötteln Castle

Rötteln Castle is one of the region’s most impressive fortresses and the third largest castle ruin in Baden. This proud fortress affords breathtaking views of the countryside.

These remarkable ruins offer panoramic views from a soaring keep and transport visitors to another place and time. In addition to the Castle Museum, exciting guided tours for children and adults bring the everyday hustle and bustle of ancient Rötteln back to life. The sprawling complex extends an entire 300 meters in length, with a bridge connecting the castle’s two parts: an outer bailey and upper castle, the oldest part of Rötteln Castle.Two towering keeps lend the castle its striking appearance, unmistakableeven from a distance. Housed inside the so-called “Landschreiberei”, the museum displays military artifacts alongside everyday items that testify to the history of this great castle, including cannon balls and arrowheads, fragments of dishes and stove tiles, buttons, scissors, thimbles, and table bells. Also on display is a large castle model that portrays Rötteln Castle in its last, undamaged condition in the mid-17th century. Beginning in the 19th century, the ruins began to rise in public estimation due to their romantic character and picturesque surroundings. Today, Rötteln Castle is one of the most popular destinations in the Upper Rhine Valley, inviting guests to enjoy unbelievable panoramic views of Lörrach, the Wiesen Valley, and the
far-off peaks of the Swiss mountains from its “Green Tower”, a Hohenstaufen keep in the upper castle.


  • Members of the Rötteln Association serve as passionate expert castle guides – Headquartered in Lörrach, this association’s members not only know the facts, but love what they do – you can tell!
  • In summer, the castle walls are transformed into an impressive stage for the castle festival – The annually changing program is organized by dozens of enthusiastic locals

Other characteristics: bus parking, restaurant, exhibition/museum, barrier-free: stroller and wheelchair accessible