Saint-Ulrich Castle

Of the three ruins that rise above Ribeauvillé, Saint-Ulrich Castle is undoubtedly the most fascinating castle complex in Upper Alsace.

Also known as “Rappolstein”, “Gross Rappolstein” or “Ukrichsburg”, Saint-Ulrich Castle (530 meters high) was built around the 13th century on an exposed cliff and was gradually expanded. Although Saint-Ulrich Castle had little military significance, it is a fine example of a noble residence. It served as residence for the Rappolstein family until the 15th century and is one of the most gorgeous architectural works in Alsace.

Today, the ruins impress visitors with their sheer size and date back to several different eras:

  • The square keep and watchtower are from the 12th century
  • The Knight’s Hall and large residence tower date back to the 13th century
  • The arrow slit at the entrance and the outer walls are from the 14th century
  • The Saint-Ulrich Chapel was built in the 15th century

Don’t miss out on taking a stroll through the site to discover this stone fortress, which is only accessible on foot.