Getting here

Thanks to its central location in Europe, the Upper Rhine Valley is easy to reach and explore whether travelling by plane, train, or car.


Most overseas connections arrive at one of three main airports in Europe: Frankfurt am Main, Paris or Zurich. From there, travelers can catch direct flights to one of the many smaller airports located in the Upper Rhine Valley, e.g. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg or Strasbourg. Other great starting points for your Upper Rhine Valley adventure include the Frankfurt-Hahn, Stuttgart, and Munich airports. These airports offer numerous connections to some of Europe’s biggest cities, allowing visitors to combine their stay in the region with day trips to gems like London, Barcelona, or Hamburg. In this case, the early bird not only catches the worm, but also saves money – booking in advance allows you to take advantage of ticket discounts offered by various local service providers.


France, Germany, and Switzerland all have extensive railway systems (SNFC, DB, and SBB respectively) that offer high-speed connections between the larger cities in the Upper Rhine Valley and almost all major cities in Europe. The trip from Freiburg to Paris, for example, takes a mere 3 hours and 40 minutes, Basel to Milan only 4 hours, Strasbourg to London only 6 hours, and Karlsruhe to Vienna just over 7 hours. Therefore, depending on your destination, it could be a more relaxing option to continue your trip via train rather than plane after your overseas flight. Comfortable trains make for an enjoyable journey, and you can admire Europe in all its beauty with one look out of the window. The trains also run reliably and on time, making it even easier to plan your perfect vacation. Tickets can be bought in advance online, or at one of the ticket automats or service counters after arrival (seat reservations are only required on the French high-speed train TGV). Special train passes, discount prices, and group deals make travelling by train as comfortable for your wallet as it is for you!

Deutsche Bahn


The Upper Rhine Valley is a great place for travelling by car, and various villages, remote areas, and out-of-the-way highlights are easier to reach when travelling on your own four wheels. Rental cars are readily available, with rental agencies located at the airports, train stations, and in most cities. Modern and highly-developed roads and highways connect all larger cities in the Upper Rhine Valley, providing you with a fast and safe way to get from A to B. While there are no highway tolls or fees in Germany, Switzerland requires all cars to purchase a toll sticker before entering the country. Fees also apply to many of France’s bridges, tunnels, and highways, with the exception of the Alsace and Brittany regions, where drivers pay directly at tollbooths stationed on the roads.


The liberalization of bus services in Germany took place in early 2013 and has led to an increase in diverse and attractive offers on inland routes. Those who travel by bus can profit from extreme savings when compared to other modes of transportation, while at the same time enjoying a wide range of available destinations within Germany and the rest of Europe.

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The region’s convenient network of roads, highways, and trains make it possible for travelers to visit numerous cities during their stay or integrate highlights in the Upper Rhine Valley into their dream European vacation. Don’t forget – planning early could mean big savings on train tickets and allows for the most cost-effective combination of the various transportation options.