Wine & Dine


Alongside the great names of European gastronomy, no other region brings together with such perfection the true nature of people: warmth, good spirit, humour, feasting, love of witticism, the best wines and a certain art of living…


Route and distances for a round-trip with your rental car:

  • 1st day Alsace Wine Route and Colmar
    Basel Euro Airport -> Colmar by car: 2 hours (about 100 km)
  • 2nd day Vosges, Alsace Wine Route and Strasbourg
    Colmar -> Strasbourg by car: 3h15 (about 150 km)
  • 3rd day Baden-Baden
    Strasbourg -> Baden-Baden by car: 50 minutes (about 60 km)
  • 3rd day Baiersbronn
    Baden-Baden -> Baiersbronn by car: 60 minutes (about 50 km)
  • 4th day Black Forest and Freiburg
    Baiersbronn -> Freiburg by car: 2 hours (about 100 km)
  • 5th day Basel
    Freiburg -> Basel by car: 1 hour (about 70 km)

Trip Description

Vinyard in Alsace © CRTA / Zvardon
Photos cyclistes Alsace_DSC0434_Copyright_Fleith
Colmar Quai_de_la_Poissonnerie_c OT Colmar G. Würth

Alsace Wine Route and Colmar

  • Arrival at Euro Airport Basel your Upper Rhine Valley aviation hub and pick-up of your rental car
  • Scenic car journey of the Alsace Wine Route via Thann, Guebwiller, Rouffach, Eguisheim up to Colmar: without stops 2 hours (about 100 km)

Alsace Wine Route
Over one hundred villages line the Alsace Wine Route. In each you can easily find a welcoming wine cellar, where often the producer himself will be proud and delighted tov initiate you into the charm of his own wines. www.alsace-wine-route.com

Wine & culinary
The Winstubs are traditional restaurants where you eat simple, but authentic Alsatian dishes with a glass or two of wine in a warm atmosphere sitting around  wooden tables covered with red chequered tablecloths. From the friendly winstubs to the Michelin starred restaurants, from traditional dishes to the finest gourmet cuisine, Alsace has something for everyone! A break in Alsace means savouring each and every ambiance. www.alsace-wine-route.com

Surrounded by vineyards, nestling in a fold of green hills, Eguisheim is a medieval village whose narrow, concentric streets highlight the architectural merits of its half-timbered houses, lovingly decorated with flowers. Discover in this unique village: historic fountains, tithe manors, a yellow sandstone church with a 13th century "Opening Virgin" statue. Stroll along its narrow streets and admire the broad spectrum of its coloured houses, where ancient inscriptions can be deciphered on the stone lintels. Fall in love with the personality of this most typical Alsace villages. www.ot-eguisheim.fr/en/

Situated in the center of Alsace, between two other big industrial poles that are Strasbourg and Mulhouse, Colmar is must see stop. The medium-sized city, possesses numerous monuments and its typical districts are particularly beautiful and well emphasized. Besides, Colmar possesses several interesting museums, among which the museums of Unterlinden and Auguste Bartholdi. Do not miss the dynamic illuminations of the buildings every evening, in summer. www.tourisme-colmar.com/en/

  • Overnight-stay in Colmar


Pfad der edlen Weine_Riquewihr © Benoit FACCHI
Village de Rodern et Haut Koenigsbourg_c CRTA Zvardon
cathedrale et rue merciere _C_ Christophe Hamm

Vosges, Alsace Wine Route and Strasbourg

  • Scenic car journey through the small villages of Kaysersberg, Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé, Kintzheim, Barr and Oberehnheim on the way of the Alsace Wine Route up to Strasbourg: without stops 2h15 (108 km)

Winegrowing community on the Wine Route (altitude 300 m), Riquewihr currently has 1228 inhabit-ants and is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. It stands 4 km from Ribeauvillé. Many shops and boutiques, as well as hotels, restaurants and Winstubs, an inter-municipal campsite, bed-and-breakfast rooms and furnished flats. Many winegrowers offer guided tours of their cellars with tastings. www.ribeauville-riquewihr.com/en/

The town and neighbouring hills are dominated by the majestic ruins of the Three Castles of the Lords of Ribeaupierre. The Grand-Rue (main street) and its picturesque neighbouring streets, lined with 15th- to 18th-century buildings (flowered in season), are scattered with Renaissance fountain-decorated squares. Many buildings are worth a visit, including the Town Hall with its prestigious collection of silver drinking-cups, the Butchers' Tower (13th century), the former Corn Exchange, the House of the Fiddlers, etc. www.ribeauville-riquewihr.com/en/

Town of Strasbourg
As a European capital, Strasbourg includes an incredible diversity of architectural styles earning it the status of UNESCO World Heritage. Visitors can discover the Notre Dame Cathedral, a master-piece of Gothic art. www.otstrasbourg.fr/en

  • Overnight-stay in Strasbourg


120806_JRE_WERNER_AN-300dpi_C_Schlosshotel Ebersteinburg(Baden-Baden)
Baiersbronner Köche kochen Schwarzwälder Köstlichkeiten in freier Natur


  • Car journey Strasbourg -> Baden-Baden: 50 minutes (about 60 km)

Culinary highlights in Baden-Baden
Besides well-known starred gourmet restaurants and cosy taverns with fine Baden cuisine in the city centre there is also the wine region “Rebland”, one of the  most popular Riesling growing dis-tricts in Germany. Here you can visit different wine-growing estates and attend wine tastings. www.baden-baden.de/en/tourist-information/

  • Car journey Baden-Baden -> Baiersbronn: 60 minutes (about 50 km)
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner and a night in one of the gourmet houses

Star restaurants in the Black Forest
The Black Forest enjoys a very high density of restaurants and hotels. About 400 chefs and their teams are certified by Michelin, Gault Millau and Varta, f.e. in  Baiersbronn “Traube Tonbach” and “Bareiss”. www.blackforest-tourism.com

The Gourmet Capitol – 8 Michelin stars shining high
Which other town of this size can boast of three such luminaries from the culinary field? Harald Wohlfahrt in the Schwarzwaldstube Restaurant in Tonbach, Claus-Peter Lumpp in the Bareiss Res-taurant in Mitteltal and Jörg Sackmann in the Schlossberg Restaurant in Schwarzenberg account for seven gourmet stars in the Baiersbronn gourmet skies. Each of them is a master of his craft and has turned his profession into a veritable art form. As if by magic, they transform the best of ingredi-ents into delectable dishes and menus. http://www.baiersbronn.de/text/236/en/gourmet-cuisine.html

  • Overnight-stay in Baiersbronn


Badische Weinstraße 8 Ehrenkirchen u. Schwarzwald Belchen_c_Erich Spiegelhalter STG
Trachtenkinder mit Kirschtorte_Copyright_Ralf Greiner, Tourist Information Todtmoos
Zum Roten Bären Freiburg_Copyright_Kaeflein


  • Scenic car journey through the Black Forest from Baiersbronn -> Freiburg: 2h (about 100 km)
  • Enjoy the delicious Baden wines and dishes in Freiburg

Freiburg – city of wine
Enjoy the regional wine from the slopes of the Schlossberg with a lovely view. Or experience the fresh local cuisine in the restaurant of the oldest guesthouse in  Germany “Roter Bären”. www.freiburg.de

  • Overnight-stay in Freiburg
Basel_Cheval Blanc_c Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois Basel
Falstaff_c Teufelhof Basel_web
WeingutHeuberger2_c Jurapark Aargau
  • Car journey Freiburg -> Basel: 1h (about 70 km)

Cheval Blanc
Dine in a dignified atmosphere and enjoy the tempting creations in the tradition of French haute cuisine. You will find a wide range of wines from carefully selected regions. 2 Michelin stars, 18 GM points. www.lestroisrois.com

Teufelhof Bel Etage
The Bel Etage gourmet restaurant in the Hotel Teufelhof is regarded as a culinary paradise for busi-ness people, families and couples. 16 GM points. www.teufelhof.com

Georges Wenger, Le Noirmont
You will never run out of reasons to visit Georges Wenger. It is situated at the heart of the moun-tain region in the Swiss Jura. The sophisticated fine dining and warm welcome will win you over in equal measure. www.georges-wenger.ch

Baselland – Wine and Gastronomy
The region of Baselland offers excellent wines and a wide range of restaurants. Discover the vine-yards and taste the local wines in one of the typical restaurants nearby.

  • Overnight-stay in Basel and continuation of the journey